Hi. I'm Carissa.

I make websites.

I have over 15 years of experience in front-end web development in a variety of industries.



I started working with HTML as a teenager in 1997, when Netscape Navigator was King and the modems were noisy. Since then, I've continuously evolved as the language has, as we dive into HTML5 and whatever path it takes next. I write clean, well documented code that makes it easy for fellow developers to traverse my code without needing a tutorial to read.


I'm proficient in hand-coding stylesheets that handle well cross-browser. I continue to work to expand my knowledge as CSS learns new tricks - animation, flex, and the list continues to grow - and am always working to learn new ways to improve and streamline my code.

Responsive Development

I'm proficient at working with responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap, as well as writing media queries without the assistance of one - all depending upon the project. I understand the difference in needs between a mobile and desktop user and can create an experience that works to benefit both.

And so on...

jQuery - User interaction, animation, user prompts, or even just a little eye candy; I have experience using jQuery to enhance the experience of a website.

Photoshop - I can create site layouts as well as do photo editing and post-processing.


I'm a thirty-something mother of three. I live in Buffalo, NY and originate from Baltimore, MD. My hobbies include photography, puttering around our property with my husband, kids, dogs, and ducks. I love nature, vinyl records, and coffee.